Crafty Paper Lesson - Saturday 16 January 2016


Today was hopefully the first of my many 'Crafty Paper' Lessons. Unfortunately for most, my timing was a little off, with everyone going back to work from their Christmas Festivities  and the Children still on their Summer School Vacation, (it's okay mums they start School on the 27 January not long to go now). 

So yesterday it was a day for two, myself and my BFF Debbie for the start of my new venture in life.

We had a ball making each month look totally different. As we live in Australia our seasons are the opposite to most countries in the world, so Deb and I put our thinking caps on and made the changes for the months of the seasons or we changed it that much we made the months personal to suit our own life adventures.
 November is the month for Thanks Giving in USA but as I myself do not celebrate this festivity here in Australia the month of November is my Wedding Anniversary, so I decorated it with lots of Love Hearts aahhh.

 That is the beauty of this Wonderful Kit, it is just a basic kit and perfect for the Brand New to art, but be prepared you will want to dress it up with all your extra products from Stampin' Up! with the use of your Big Shot for Dies, your Hand Punches, Gorgeous Embellishments of Jewels and  Pearls the list can go on.

 It can become a huge project too if you want it to be. That is what I love about it the most...

It was such a shame there wasn't more people here today to enjoy this time as much as Deb; Deb said she had an great time and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon experience. 

With Debbie being a Bling Girl too, we extended the use of how the embellishments in the pack could be used other than just adhering them down by the way and use of the inks, cutting and using the scraps of Gold Glimmer Paper provided in the kit also adding the use of the new product Party Punch Pack (140608) which is on sale i
from the Handmade From the Heart "Occasions Catalogue 5 Jan - 31 May 2016.

 Sitting down around all these wonderful Stampin' Up! products, made it easy for me to realize I can and want to share my skills with others. 

 The KIT, so lets start Creating!!!

During this time I was able to ask Debbie what and how she would like to make in the future. I was happy, excited and slightly relieved  too that it was how Debbie was describing back to me. I was great to get her honest feedback. Thanks Deb :)
Look at the concentration on Debbie's face:

Here are three pages of Debbie's Perpetual Calendar, her own designs, and to think  Debbie says she does not have a creative mind.

So it might take Coffee with Fun, Laughter and a Stampin' Up! afternoon using great products so show everyone we ALL can do it! 

Please let me show YOU how?

The Finished Product!

Debbie wasn't going Home until she finished the Whole Calendar!!!
 It made for a perfect afternoon!
Oh and before she left 22 Sept (1963) 'my birthday' was written on the September Page, Now you know why Debbie is my BFF! 

****Permission was given by Debbie
 to be photographed and the Images
 to be placed onto this Blog****



  1. How wonderful! It looks like your first class was a fantastic success. How wonderful Christine.

  2. Thank you Kylie Bertucci, your feed back means so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Yes it was a success, a learning curve for us both. Debbie realizing that she does have creativity and for me to realize I can do this, its just letting go of the barriers we adults put up for ourselves. Welcoming your visits anytime

  3. It looks like a lot of fun was had while creating something beautiful and useful! Keep breaking through those barriers!

  4. Yes its hard to get the confidence to break down the barriers. As every new event turns up and completed the better I shall be :)


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