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Patty Bennetts - Million Dollars US Sales - Ribbon of Courage Stamp Set.

Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting my blog today. Today is a super special and very memorable blog hop. As some of my followers may have known, that my darling mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on New Years Eve 2016. Yeah what a way to bring in the New Year? BUT!!! We knew we had a job to do and that was to give Mum the best 6 months of what life she had left with the Doctors saying this was the approximate amount of life span she had left.
So after a few tears, a little anger, and the grieving Mum and I decided to life live the best we she could, with lots of Prayer, Singing, Remembering memories and making new ones for me to live with after she passed away.
Mum always so proud of me, with my crafty ways  would not miss any opportunity to tell people about how lovely my cards are... "Gotta love a Mothers Pride".
In fortunately my darling sweet mother lost her battle with Cancer at 9:25pm, Saturday 13 May 2017, she took a little breath with so much dignity and went to…