Today I have entered in Kylie's International Project Highlights, to blog along with very talented Stampers from around the world.
They all inspire me so much and I am so very honoured to have my card alongside this incredibly talented lineup.
Yes, our lives change day to day, hour by hour and even moment by moment. I have had so many changes in my life over the last eleven years, due to an undiagnosed illness, disease, condition, it depends on what medical person I see that give me their ideas of what it should be called, without a true diagnose of what I have that has robbed me of the last 11 years in so many ways.
I have had to learn to walk again, stand with balance, and learn to do everyday motions a completely new way to be the best person I can be in a physical form.

We as humans take things, even the tiny things so much for granted. I loved to dance but it is impossible for me to dance again, I am unable to walk backwards, squat, stand on tippy toes, bend down to put socks on my feet, to do shoelaces and many days I need assistance to put my underwear on.
But even though I now have these disabilities, I am so blessed that I am able to laugh, smile even though it is a little crooked on one side of my face. I love life, I love to be part of other peoples lives to share their wins with laughter and song, and to be there when life hits them hard too.
I love to know that I can make people happy, when I smile at them, to know I will get them to laugh when I laugh my laugh and contagious laugh, to show others that life does have changes and you hit them full on, if you fall you get back up, dust yourself off and do it all again.
I like my fellow Stampers have a gift. We Love what we do - making Cards and we Love to Share what we love to make.
I get the most satisfaction when I see someones face light up and smile as if it was their first smile when they see the card I have made for them.

Here is my Life Changing Card - Engagement 

How wonderful, then two people accept each other's promise to keep wholly to each other from now until they die. They have the preparation of Marriage uniting the two souls into one. Oh, how I remember the afternoon my husband, then boyfriend of over 5 years proposed to me, it was the happiest day of my single girl's life.

Please Click on the link Below this will take you to Kylie Bertucci's Website where you can vote for my Card. All you do is Click on the grey heart on the top right-hand side of the image of my card and turn it RED. It is that Easy!

Thank you, I really do appreciate your Votes.💕

 Front of the Card

 Inside of the Card

Building the Letters for the Card Using the Eclipse Technique

Gold Powder Heat Embossing

When I make Special Cards I always make them as A4, and I also make the card it's own presentation Box to gift it.
This way the Box is the start of the giving and can be repurposed for so many things by the recipient.

Thank you For Visiting

Luv Christine 💜


  1. Wow! That card is stunning! Thank you for your heartfelt post - keep smiling, lovely lady!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie. Saying my card is running, wow this is a huge compliment I am honoured.

  2. Christine, your card is gorgeous ... as are you! Your words are very special and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and keep being gorgeous! xxxx

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Telling others helps me be a much better person. There are so many people worse off than me, but by telling others it helps kick the taboo of ignorance away and helps with acceptance of people being different.
      Thank you for you lovely comment.

  3. Love that you've used pink to build up your black & white eclipse card! Gorgeous xx

    1. Thank you, Jessie, I did this to try and give the letters more of a lift and to make them more defined to make them jump out at you. It worked but only a little. I will have to rethink this, it also may have to do with the stamped image as well. Thank you for your comment. xx


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