My Christmas Cards 2017 - Card 1 Week 1.

This is What Will be Happening at my Home on Christmas Morning

Hello and Welcome to my Blog. Wow in exactly 5 weeks time it will be Christmas Day. 


When the family that can come together and celebrate this beautiful and joyous occasion of the Year. The Birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is also the time to remember the loved ones that are longer with us in a physical being but now in Spirit. This year will be the hardest Christmas ever, with the loss of my darling sweet Mum, who died Saturday 13 May 2017.

With mum now in Heaven above with all her family that has gone before her. together with them, there is my Father and together with his parents where she will watch over us with her "Adorned Golden Wings"; Only the best receive Golden Wings. 

I have a special Christmas Tree Bauble for My Father Ron, Ray's Papa Marcelino and Mama Flor, so now I must make a trip next Wednesday 29th November 2017 up to Sydney's Queen Victoria Building, Town Hall to purchase Mum's. Her Bauble will be placed for the first time and every other Christmas on the top part of our Christmas Tree along with the others.

Along with a few gifts under the tree, for my family, Hubby Ray, Daughter Ebony, Son Reece and Kristy, Reece's longtime Girlfriend, not to forget yours truly to open on Christmas Morning. 

A beautiful Breakfast Banquet of Hot buttery Croissants, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit Salad, Sparkling Water, to be eaten at a fully dressed Christmas Breakfast Table. With the Christmas Music beating out of the big Sound Box. (Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and the Aussie artists John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes fondly AKA Farnsey and Barnsey 😗

The pace slows just a little for all for a while, with the exception for me as I pop on the apron once more and do the finishing touches of the Luncheon Feast. This year I have decided for a Cold Banquet, It's our Multi-Cultural Banquet. Aussie - The Prawns and the Turkey Breast Roast, English The Glazed  Ham cooked on Christmas Eve and then The Spanish for Mamas recipes I have mastered so well over the years of her famous Saladia, Cauliflower and Broccoli Salad, and an array of Jamon, Chorizo and other Salami along with Olives, this is just to name a few Delicacies.
For the Desserts, Always the Pavalova, Christmas Cake and Cheese, My Port Trifle, Creme Caramel and for the first time I am making the Special Biscuits that all the family refer them to as Mamas Jesus Biscuits. 

BUT... Before all this ever happens there is a certain item that needs to be made and either hand delivered or posted near, far and across the seas. Christmas Cards. 
Over the next two weeks, I will be blogging my Christmas Cards that I will be making. 

The Genres will be:-

Traditional with a Twist


Fun and Laughter


So Here is Card Number One I actually made this card for my fellow Crazy Crafter Team Members who attended The Stampin' Up!® On Stage Local a the Gold Coast Saturday 11th November 2017.

This is an awesome card to give to someone whom you are gifting a Gift Card to as their Christmas Box.

My Theme this Year for Christmas is a White tree with Pool Party, Soft Sky, Blushing Bride, Powder Pink and White Baubles and Decorations

Here is the Recipe for the Making of this Card.

I know it was a HUGE Blog Today but they won't be this long again 
I Promise 

Keep Smiling

Cya 💋


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