Hello, I am Christine, I live in Dapto, a suburb of the City of Wollongong which is situated on the Eastern Seaboard of New South Wales, Australia.

In 1970 my parents packed the family up and immigrated from York, England to The City of Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Here we spent the first 18 months living on the then Fairy Meadow Immigrant Hostel before permanent accommodation was arranged. 
Yes we were one of the last "Ten Pound Poms" families to be sponsored by BHP Port Kembla Steelworks, We then moved to a rental accommodation for 6 months as we were on the list for public housing in a new estate which was to be called Koonawarra an Aboriginal name for Black Swan. 
Koonawarra is a part of the suburb Dapto where I live now.

The City of Wollongong is situated in an area of the South Coast called the Illawarra, this is another Aboriginal name meaning " A Pleasant Place" only 80 minutes from Sydney CBD, so a great place to come for a day visit. 
Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches it is 20 minutes drive from the Mountains to the Sea. 
There are so many beautiful places to visit, if you have not visited before I suggest you think seriously and come see for yourself.

Have are a few photographs I have taken of and around the City of Wollongong.





I am a woman at 53 years of age, Married to my Sweetheart of almost 29 years (28 November 2016)
with two adult children, both living at home.

I have always enjoyed craft, thinking of ideas and giving it a go, or looking at something and saying I can make that. I remember when the children were very young and it was the correct thing to do, to give a teacher gifts. This one year money was so tight, ( It was in the early 1990's when then the Treasurer at the time Paul Keating, delivered a quote to go down in history:- " A Recession We Must Have" crippled the nation, shortly after this he became the PM for Australia. Gee times were tough back then, sends shivers down my spine thinking of it).
I decided to make Table Decorations for the teachers gifts. Consisting of a short but wide coloured candle stuck onto  thick cardboard up-cycled from a box then neatly covered with coloured cardboard cut in a circle to form the base then around the base of the candle I made a wreath from an old Christmas tree we had, It got fell on the Christmas the year before, I decided to make a smaller one from it and the teachers gifts. I added tiny little baubles and Tartan ribbon bows, I must admit they did look good.  
The children's teachers showed the other teachers of the school,at their lunchtime break, and at home time I had 20 individual orders asking for 2 each. By the end of the next week I had made over 100 Candle Table Decorations.
 The store where I bought the ribbon from put all the Tartan Ribbon aside for me including cardboard boxes. He had put in an extra order for a fast delivery for extra candles as I bought his entire stock.  
That Christmas morning was one of the best mornings to see my children's little faces grow wide and bright with beaming smiles to see a few toys under the tree. 

Throughout the years, as the children were growing up, I as a Stay Home Mum,  I have dabbled in many craft ventures and had fun with every one of them.
 Then once my daughter hit teenage years I went back into the workforce to help contribute income towards the family. I loved my job and then suddenly after 5 years on the job, where I was a Strong, Fit and Trim Woman who loved life to the fullest, was suddenly overnight struck with a Virus.
A virus so fierce, the Doctors didn't know if I was going to survive. It robbed me of my life that I knew. The virus attacked my muscles. Certain muscles went so hard it was as if they had become petrified, and the other muscles had become so weak I could hardly walk. 
It is over 10 years since this happened, yes it was scary and sometimes still is, as the Doctors do not know what it is. No Diagnose only a lot of medication daily to try and help the symptoms, constantly in pain 24/7 the only difference is how much at one time in what area of my body. 

So to keep me occupied at home after numerous stays in hospitals and many months bedridden at home with so many set backs, I decided to dabble in crafts again. 
As I cannot do many of the simple everyday things that we all take for granted, I have had to rethink of how to do the things I do now. To look at me you would not realize there was anything wrong until you see my friend, My Walking Stick.

In Late January I met up with a lovely lady called Nicole Bonar, she told me she was starting up with Stampin' Up!,  I also had heard about this company but at the same time a friend of mine was a demonstrator with another company, and I was thinking maybe I should do something like this but which way to go? With my friend or Nicole? 

Once I did my research it was very clear. Stampin' Up! it was. So on Friday 13 March of 2015, I joined Stampin' Up!. 
I only wanted to be a Hobby Person to receive top quality products at a discount price, with no strings attached, a minimum amount to purchase each quarter to keep receiving a discount, oh yes that was for me. 
I also thought just maybe if and only if which I wont I said hahaha.  "If" I wanted to become more than a Hobby Person I knew I had a wonderful, caring, and supported person in Nicole Bonar to guide me. After joining I realized I had hit the Jackpot, as not only did I have Nicole, I had an entire team called the Crazy Crafters and the Head Mama Bear of this team is the delightful Kylie Bertucci who is a workaholic and is so supportive, always thinking and training us in business matters.

So now you can see why I am still here with Stampin' Up! with Nicole, Kylie and all the team who constantly inspire, support and love me as I  do the same for them.

I do eat, sleep, drink, Stampin' Up! everywhere I go, I see inspirations for cards and for 3D projects. I am hooked Totally!!!

Now I am aiming for the biggest goal of a lifetime. Aiming For Alaska, a Incentive Trip provided by Stampin' Up! can you imagine going? All expenses paid for my Hubby and Me Business Class. 

 If for the slightest moment you thought YES, I can help you we could help each other. Come on, join my journey with Stampin' Up! I am wanting to make a group of my own, to train and support you and best of all you will be in an awesome branch team called The Infinity Stampers along with the  awesome Crazy Crafters. 

As long as you live somewhere in Australia you can become part of my team. I would love you to hop on board with me. 

Thank you for finding out About Me, 
I would love to find out about you!

JOIN NOW - you have everything to gain 
If I can do this - I Know you can do it too.


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