Hello and Welcome to my Blog Tonight's Kylie Bertucci's International Blog Hop to make aware that Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues are really out there, it is not a myth it is real and it is a very scary Illness.

Why do I say this, easy as I have suffered with Depression to the point, I contemplated taking my own life. For someone who has never been in the situation, I can assure you it is not the easy way out, It means that person is at his or hers lowest of lows, and they are actually thinking more of their loved ones than themselves.
Committing suicide is certainly not for a coward, I am so glad that I thought about it long and hard I wrote everything down. The good the bad the ugly, the things that I can change, the things that might be able to be changed and the things that could not be changed.

You feel so lonely and alone even in  room that has 100 people in it. The painted faces to hide how you really feel, the lost of appetite and so on.

The scariest thing for me was when I decided to go and ask for help, Medical Help and after answering a few questions the GP offers very freely DRUGS..... Now excuse me don't you think that is the last thing that should be offered? I mean to say..... One bottle in one go ?????

I am a lucky one, with my faith and my own self help, I helped myself, I still have down days but I know I can get myself back up and I need to be here to help others... Even if it is only to listen You speak I listen, I will always give hugs as they are the best thing a person can give and they are free.

Remember, I am always here for YOU. xxxx

Whisper White Card with Dapper Blue Layer on the Front which was Embossed with the Brick Wall Embossing Folder, in Versa Mark and Heat Embossed with Copper Embossing Powder.
The Two Large DieCut Butterflies are from Butterflies Thinlets, in Peekaboo Peach and Dapper Denim along with the Decorative Labels Punch Peekaboo Peach and Dapper Denim Heat Embossed with copper Embossing Powder, this Sentiment comes from the Stamp Set Flourishing Phrases.

Inside is done brightly in Flirty Flamingo Layers and a row of Pop out Bold Butterflies from the Stamp Set and Framelit Dies Watercolour Butterfly and Bold Butterfly.

You are Here at Christine Anne Matias, please following the Blog Hop and see the magnificent work from other fabulous artist in CardMaking

Have a Wonderful Evening and Always remember to Smile.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your own experience Christine! It is wonderful to see that you are able to think of others that are and have gone through what you have experienced. That is a precious gift of empathy that you are using in a wonderful way. Thank you for taking part in our international blog highlight and making it such a success! xx

  2. Thank you Kylie your beautiful comment, Wow I don't know what to say as a reply? Thank you I enjoyed joining in, and I am super happy how my Card turned out. xx

  3. Wow - what an amazing card with such a surprising inside! Thank you also for so bravely sharing your experiences and casting some light in the shadows. x

  4. Thank you Stephanie. I am pleased you got this reaction with the inside. I wanted to follow the Brief but then give it a twist inside. Firstly the Brick Wall on the front of the card, the Butterflies couldn't seem to get ahead, they were both stuck (very much like Depression). BUT once you opened the card there was Brightness and many more things to see.

    I try to life live with always getting a Positive from a Negative.

  5. Oh Christine, such a lovely card, but even more precious is your story. You are a brave strong woman, I have a tear in my eye, but also a smile on my face. TFS

    1. Thank you Sue, don't get upset I took a big deep breath and told my story for others to try and understand, as there are many out there that hurt people even more with their cruel words as they just don't understand, which is not their fault either, it is getting the information out there that is the answer. Knowledge is so Powerful.

  6. Wow!! Such a great idea. I've never thought of using butterflies like this way. Thank you for the great inspiration.

    1. Thank you Satomi and you are Welcome, I saw the butterflies on YouTube ages ago. I will have to search for the person who did the tutorial and add it onto this page.

  7. Christine I am inspired by you - your story and your card! Thank you for sharing your story and your courage. I love your card and the surprise inside is delightful. Congrats on making the top 10 and I look forward to hopping with you. Lou

  8. Thank you Lou for your kind words. Wow I inspire you what a compliment thank you. I look forward to hopping with you also. :)


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